Saturday, November 30, 2002

another great deal.....i got the smc wireless router for 50 bucks!!!! got it up and runnning...some initial problems...but after resetting it works the house is now wireless and no more wires to trip over....the sony is still wired though...but anywayz....its all good.
almost dun with that paper....just a 2 more pages to go and ill be dun!!!!!! i should have completed it yesterday but kinda felt lazy lol

Friday, November 29, 2002

well nothing to do today
got an excellent deal on a wireless optical mouse from it for 20 bucks!!!!!!
well working on that history paper now, its half done.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

done with the c programming assignment....just a few more to go

virus that insults user - this is hillarious

mabe will go to play tennis today since its beautiful outside and not that cold.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

hey there...first day of holidays and it feels great ....actually did some work....and played some u2k3

yesterday my laptop got the supernova virus while i was downloading sumthing on kazaa. anywayz its a good thing i didnt shut down, but i detected it in its early started Norton Anti-Virus got rid of the sucka!!!!!but two of the main .exe couldnt be thankfully for windows xp .....started taskmanager and killed the naughty .exe files.....ran the scan again and its major damage....phew!!! the thing is that this virus places more copies of itself in the c:/windows/media folder in the form of other questionable files and sets kazaa's shared folder as that so that it case ur not as lucky as i am and restarted it will give a couple of notices when ya start up, sumthing "like patch the hole or the ship will sink" etc....the best way to spot is it when u run the rogue application it will display a mssg like this "###0000000, application tried to read memory ending application" thats ur cue...the virus has struck...get ur anti virus running...if ya dont have an anti virus u can get an excellent free anti-virus from AVG anti-virus from AVG anti-virus and can complement that with the free virus scan from panda anti-virus Panda Online Scan.
for other ppl who have gotten the virus there are keys in the reg that have to be deleted otherwise it will never go away!!!!!

damn it was cold in the morning....wanted to play tennis, but i dont know with this kind of weather. brrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

i dont feel like going to classes today :( ....why do these high schoolers have a longer thanksgiving break than we do...not fair.

even with a break i have so much damn work.....but i will make time to go see bond.

heres a list of all the work i have

calculus- exam III on friday after we open and then the finals worth 200 points!!!!!!
history- five page essay on book we have to read....i havent started reading the book even.....due on the 2nd!!!!! .
computer science- final on the 9th, but program due on the 4th(the program is written, just has to be modified)
econ- finals creeping up...i think in the opening week.

its gonna be real busy for me :(

Monday, November 25, 2002

turned in the paper for english today.. not much of a complete school day today. everyone is just is geared up for the thanksgiving break.
i am so tired today...hist is so just damn boring...i think ill go to bed early today.

Sunday, November 24, 2002

still working on the is quite a complex article and there are alot of discussions in it....overall 2 pages of the 3 have been working on the third one.
by the way the paper is on the book Maus by Art Spiegelman and the article used to compare with the book is Confronting Stereotypes: Maus in Crown Heights.

Saturday, November 23, 2002

yesterday i defragged my laptop and also did a scan disk....i do that regularly but this time i did it because at startup it would almost a minute to bring up the desltop icons, instead of loading them during the welcome screen. i then decided to restore it..did that successfully and did some of my other work....restarted the computer and guess what???? BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!!!! that too from windows xp...some fatal error about the windows logon procedure and thus the computer was shut down.....this same prob had apparently happened with my desktop so my brother knew how to fix it(its pretty tricky the key combinations that u have to hit in xp to get to the options page, whether how u wanna start up ie..dos-mode, safe mode etc). welll was able to load the seetings that previously worked and the laptop is up and running again...whew!!!!!!

better start on that paper now.

Friday, November 22, 2002

a nice way to end the weekend at univ...acing the calculus test and then treating ur self with a brownie frap...hmmmm...that was so good. well finally the weekend is here..then just two more days of classes, and thanksgiving break begins...what a feeling. but b4 i let that feeling make me extremely lazy i better start on that paper thats due monday.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

WHAT!!!!! i goto check my acct at after a very long time only to discover that they are closing down...i was so shocked...reason for closing..Bertelsmann has bought it...what a letdown...u could store all kind of things there with their 3gb online space.

finally i understood the article that i was working on for my english the final draft will be a whole lot better.

gotta go study now.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

it was a nice day today..perfect weather everything....the only downside was that the c programming proffessor didnt show up even though there was an assignment due today!!!! anywayz emailed it to the hopefully she doesnt count it as late. on a brighter note bec of the no-show got to leave univ early and make it in time for the simpsons...luv that show.

The Simpsons.

also really addicted to that new zip-zap game at shockwave....its alot of fun :)

and heres the poke the penguin link.

just activated the infra red port on my laptop...its so automatically recognizes another computer within 8 ft. thats if they have a port as well, and are properly alligned....its so kewl.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

got up a little early today even though i had class at 1pm bec had to work on programming assignment.....anywayz ran into sum trouble and went to univ at around 10 am to talk with the TA. the most irritating part was that the TA didnt even show up, even during his regular office was so mad >:| came back home and finally finished the was a long one and took me an hour and 15 minutes to do......really tired after that. i am taking a break rite now, and maybe watch some tv.

Monday, November 18, 2002

well at univ rite now and have some time before class....well on the whole a vvv tiring day and history couldnt be anymore exciting, just doesnt seem to end...luckily enuff i have one more class and then i head home. we have mainly alot of macs here....just dont like them so used to windows.....and i do think that windows is better overall and windows xp in particular...well everybody has their own preference.
ahhh just one more week before thanksgiving break..cant wait for that(even though i have alot of work to do)

James Bond comes out this week wohoo!!!! removed the pics to decrease load times.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

finally i have come back to blogspot....after a long time at xanga i finally realized the shortcomings of couldnt do anything with that website...that was the bad additional html adding custom modules...sumthing that i could do here. so instead of making it look like my fault i am going to put the blame on my brother....he was the one who started the search for the almost perfect FREE site......and along with him took me for the ride as well.
as for today i practically did nothing....actually more in need of a weekend of rest(yes even though i did nothing today!!!!!! )