Wednesday, November 27, 2002

hey there...first day of holidays and it feels great ....actually did some work....and played some u2k3

yesterday my laptop got the supernova virus while i was downloading sumthing on kazaa. anywayz its a good thing i didnt shut down, but i detected it in its early started Norton Anti-Virus got rid of the sucka!!!!!but two of the main .exe couldnt be thankfully for windows xp .....started taskmanager and killed the naughty .exe files.....ran the scan again and its major damage....phew!!! the thing is that this virus places more copies of itself in the c:/windows/media folder in the form of other questionable files and sets kazaa's shared folder as that so that it case ur not as lucky as i am and restarted it will give a couple of notices when ya start up, sumthing "like patch the hole or the ship will sink" etc....the best way to spot is it when u run the rogue application it will display a mssg like this "###0000000, application tried to read memory ending application" thats ur cue...the virus has struck...get ur anti virus running...if ya dont have an anti virus u can get an excellent free anti-virus from AVG anti-virus from AVG anti-virus and can complement that with the free virus scan from panda anti-virus Panda Online Scan.
for other ppl who have gotten the virus there are keys in the reg that have to be deleted otherwise it will never go away!!!!!

damn it was cold in the morning....wanted to play tennis, but i dont know with this kind of weather. brrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

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