Saturday, November 23, 2002

yesterday i defragged my laptop and also did a scan disk....i do that regularly but this time i did it because at startup it would almost a minute to bring up the desltop icons, instead of loading them during the welcome screen. i then decided to restore it..did that successfully and did some of my other work....restarted the computer and guess what???? BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!!!! that too from windows xp...some fatal error about the windows logon procedure and thus the computer was shut down.....this same prob had apparently happened with my desktop so my brother knew how to fix it(its pretty tricky the key combinations that u have to hit in xp to get to the options page, whether how u wanna start up ie..dos-mode, safe mode etc). welll was able to load the seetings that previously worked and the laptop is up and running again...whew!!!!!!

better start on that paper now.

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