Tuesday, December 31, 2002

the commenting system that i linked here yesterday is actually very good, so all of u who were thinking abt haloscan(which is currently closed) can look here, its very good.

anywayz i finally did it, installed movabletype on netfirms...wohooo!!!!! you can have a look here
task one completed that i had planned for the winter break.

but since that was a project i will continue to blog here, and the exact copies will be there, but i prefer that you look here...now i will experiment with that site and do other stuff...im just so excited..lol
yup so as i said continue visiting blogspot :)

since i was not able to go to NJ this winter :( i mite go someplace this summer...hopefully!!!!!!

but atleast i was able to do one of the things that i had planned for winter!!!!!

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