Saturday, December 14, 2002

the eco final is over...wohoo!!!! 2 more to go.

during the eco final, there were a one guy was telling his friends his "master plan" at acing this final...little did they know that everybody gets different sets...dumbasses.
anywayz during the test the brainiac is trying to cheat off a paper ahead of him...sounds normal..but the guy with the same set was 2 rows ahead of him!!!!! the extremes ppl go to...he would have been better off studying for that final. lol

heres sumthing funny i read today-
Jack Nicholson has been asked to stop walking around his new home in Nebraska naked.Locals have been left stunned after getting an eyeful when they popped round to get a glimpse of the legendary hellraiser. One neighbour said: "Our delight turned to shock when we discovered that Jack walks around his house at all hours in the nude — apparently not caring whether the curtains are drawn."It was really quite odd and it was the talk of the town. I mean, we wanted to see Jack in person but this was ridiculous."The Easy Rider star and renowned ladies' man recently revealed that he "doesn't have the same libido" that he once possessed.But according to his neighbours, on-again-off-again girlfriend Lara Flynn Boyle was a regular visitor.

gotta study for calc and dreaded hist...:(

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