Friday, December 13, 2002

i cant believe it , but im actually all geared up for tommorrows

here something interesting i read in the paper...this guy had such a horrible streak of bad luck..he he. heres the story:-
ELKTON, Md. -- A Maryland man is hoping a new puppy can change his dismal streak of bad luck this holiday season. James Dawkins of Elkton was on his way to visit his hospitalized mother when he stopped to walk his dog. The dog fell through ice on a pond and died, despite Dawkins' rescue efforts. He got home to find police there. Someone had broken into his home and stolen his gun collection. Then he discovered that he'd lost $150 in cash while trying to rescue his dog. It was all his money for Christmas presents.
Dawkins decided to try to change his fortune by getting a puppy from the pound. He's named it "Precious."

and have fun with this click here

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