Friday, December 20, 2002

it was so funny this morning...i didnt even realize it but someone actually used the commenting system on my blog...i thought that was very funny. i also know that alot of ppl read this blog...why dont you guys comment as well...
well played a little hitman 2 today(recently i have been gaming alot, since this winter break is long and i have pracitcally nothing to do lol.)- the game is excellent and requires alot of thinking and planning....its not the typical shoot your way in and shoot ur way out. real fun.
alot of ppl seeing lord of the rings and said they really enjoyed its..i dont know i mtie see but im not tempted.
ever wanted to know how to make ur own G4(or in other words a mac mod) well here is a great article from the guys at the thescreensavers click here

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