Saturday, December 28, 2002

today was a little better..not so boring plus it was such a beautiful day as well....but anywayz nothing new to write about.

read this news article...pretty stupid but kinda amusing at the same time

A watchman from a society of summer cottages in Russia’s Vladimir region, Sergey Sokolov, invented an effective method of struggle with burglars who frequently break into the summer cottages at night. Although the man himself is neither strong, nor awesome, he turned out to be a wonderful psychologist. He made special veneer bootprints which are extremely large: these devices leave too big prints on the snow around the cottages where the man is working as a watchman. When burglars attempt to break into the cottages, they first study the enormous bootprints left by the resourceful watchman here and there on the snow. Judging by the shoeprints, burglars think that the watchman is a huge and strong man, and they prefer to retire. The watchman says, the number of burglaries has reduced by almost 50% since the innovation was introduced.

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