Friday, January 31, 2003

Finally the week has come to an end...and this weekend was especially was just too tiring. Also had a bad charley horse the other day, not once but twice while those hurt.
The calculus quiz went well today, and our math class is getting more high tech, in a few days we can get help for Calculus II through aim, isnt that just great???
off to watch a movie.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

I joined the H.A.I.R.S today which stands for Houston Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Society. This is so cool because we get to make our own robots, something which i have wanted to do always. We start off with the simple BEAM robots and then move upwards to making more sophisticated ones. I am so excited to get started!!!!!

Was so busy today that forgot to eat lunch...which is quite surprising for me!!!! I shall never do that again as it made me feel horrible the whole day, because the breaks in between class arent that long....atleast i got my homework done though :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I am usually not that big a fan of history...but todays class really changed my feelings about it. This History professor is perhaps the best teacher for history that i have ever had, and his style of teaching makes the matter more interesting. We learn History not only with the facts but also with movies that were there in that period. Also how films mirrored the complete opposite happenings of that period as well. well todays class had clips from the movie Wizard of OZ, and how it was a allegory showing the political happenings during the 1890's. It was just amazing and lots of fun.

Got all my books(finally!!!!) have to study from them :)
can u believe it January is almost over???

Monday, January 27, 2003

The TA for calculus II knows what he is doing....but he cannot explain the methods or other vital information of calculus for crackers......I just dont get it...and its not only me...the whole class feels that way.

On a brighter note all my books were shipped out and the rest will be bought tomorrow...wohoo!!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2003

The superbowl game is going quite good so far(even though I dont understand alot of it, quite a newbie i am !!!!!). The Raiders are making huge mistakes and are letting the Buccs run over them literally. But the ads that are going on so far are just great. the best one uptil now have been:
1. The ozbournes ad for pepsi twist
2. The budweiser ad with the guy with a dog over his head.
3. Yao Ming's "yo" ad

As for today I was so hoping that a new episode of simpsons be shown, but I read wrong, apparently on the website they have dated the new episode for February 2. and are showing Independence Day instead. Finally placed orders for my American Government book over at Barnes and Nobles, now I just have to get my History books. I would have had all of them by now, but on Friday the 2nd floor and some portions of the 3rd floor University Center were burnt down because of some person who left a lit cigarette carelessly which led to the burn down. So even the library(which is on the second floor) has been closed for a couple of weeks.

I finally got fed up with the look of my 8tc website, and decided to change the look of here is the new looking website. I feel the white color is quite a refreshing change.

off to watch the game!!!

While writing this entry the Buccs have made an excellent 44 yard touch down!!!! by the way i am rooting for the Buccs....wohoo!!!!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2003

I had planned yesterday to blog a second time yesterday after that update.....but sadly the the internet came back and then went off again. But it is back again and its all good. A number of places on the net were down today as well because of a series of denial of service attacks and also a virus that is quite rampant.
well got alot of work done, finished my second program that was due for c programming class.....but I still have to buy the books....did not get to go today :(
off to watch a movie.

Friday, January 24, 2003

The woes of 56k...yesterday my ISP went down, and said that they wont be up for a while now. Im stuck with 56k, something that i havent used in a while. And like they say once you go broadband, you cant go back.....its so true....56k is horrible, because you'll be really lucky if you connect at those speeds. Can;t go to my regular websites because it takes so long to download(I just dont have the patience for slow loading why i did not even blog yesterday!!!!! right now i am at University and using one of the computers in the lab, time to go to class.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Went to get my buy my books today from the university you must be wondering why so late, well I decided to hold off until my schedule is permanent so I dont have the headache of returning the books and all that....but it seems that man are doing exactly what I had planned to do. Even after a week of school being opened people are still buying the books, and lines till the cashier are just too long. I have a good hour between classes, but I dont think even that is enough to get all my books, even though I dont have to buy alot of books this semester as most 2 of classes(calculus, c programming) are continuations from where we left off. Probably will go to saturday so that I might avoid the rush.

Also it was so cold today, and they say the weather is going to be worse tomorrow, good thing is that i take the car tomorrow, so i dont have to wait outside for long in the cold. Hopefully the weather clears up over the weekend so that i can play some tennis, that would be cool.

I so wish that there was a Dunkin Donuts here, their coffee is just excellent, and i am kinda getting bored of Krispy Kreme.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Wohoo!!! my schedule has changed, so now not only do i have a better teacher but also better use of now tuesday and thursdays ill be home by around 12pm. now all i have to do is buy the books for those classes.
Hoping to join a few clubs as well this semester, mostly related with comp sci.

today was so nice, just perfect, but they say that this will only last for only a couple of days :(

man i feel like drinking a brownie frap again!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2003

Feeling kinda lazy nowadays to post, plus nothing exciting has been happening that made it worthwhile to post everyday.....the holidays came and went quite quickly, didnt do much except write a stupid essay for american government class of mine.
thanks to my bro the pic(the one on your left) that I had fixed(it had a real irritating white border) with photoshop to perfection was ruined....he said he could "fix" it and make it smaller...but all he really did was ruin the i had to make another one, but it doesnt look as good as the original....ill deifnitely have to sit with that pic and work on it again. arrgh!!!!!
Anirudh told me about a game caleld hegemonia, but their servers were so full that i could'nt download it all, but lately with all the university work i dont have time to play games as well.
nothing great on TV as well....simpsons was a repeat...and SNL sucked big time, even weekend update was horrible.

And i do agree with Chris that majority of the blogs arent being updated as regularly as they used to come on go ahead and update!!!

Update: gave him the pic again, so he has made it better...thanks dude!!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2003

What a game yesterday between the Lakers and the Rockets....Stevie Francis was just amazing with 44 points, just too good. But everywhere in the news they still talk abt the Yao-Shaq match up....though I have to give it to Yao, he was able to block the big guy, not once but 3 times which I feel is quite an achievement.

Remember that American Government teacher i was unhappy about, well i got an email from the other professor, and she will be able to take me in the class, so thats just great!!!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Saw something real ironic today.....a farmers insurance claim car, was being given a ticket by a policeman...that was so hillarious that the insurance company was getting a ticket.

here is something real interesting, that made me go wow!!!!! when i read it(though i think it might be a little expensive, but maybe with popularity it will come down)
click here

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Tomorrow is going to be great....the last class has been cancelled, so that means i get to be at university for about an hour or so...wohoo!!!
Almost done with all the work from university, so should be free over the weekend, just the fact that I have to write the dreaded essay for american government. Maybe ill do that friday.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

This semester so far is going great....I have some of the best teachers this time...a lot of research was put in (by me :) ) to choose good teachers over, time of day......but the sad thing is that my american government teacher is'nt that great(actually she is'nt the one that i opted for originally,but for some bizarre reason the other guy disappeared!!!!)...she does know her material and all that....but the amountt of work that we have to put in for a course that is just a core requirement is unbelievable...we have to write reaction essays after every chapter, then there are 3 other separate papers on different subjects, and a final paper. not to mention debates every week where we have to do research, and then a final presentation. The best part of the course is that it will be over by april 18th, and the final will be during the first week of may, so thats like a good 20 days before summer break. It would be real kewl if we had more classes like this in my major (computer science), where we would write papers on the latest technologies and debate about them with their downfalls, advantages etc...

I recently tried out this kewl feature in windows messenger( it only works if u have windows XP)....desktop sharing and application sharing....with this feature on you can share microsoft applications and some other third party applications with other people on your buddy can still share if the other guy doesnt even have the application installed.....i tried this over my network and it worked like a charm.....but the TCP requires port 1503 to be open, which firewalls or even routers with NAT might deny....but anyhow it is worth a try. Another feature that looks kinda intriguing is the remote administration(again works only with XP)...if you just like me receive calls or IM's from friends and family concerning various problems with their computers, and sometimes have a tough time explaining to them what to do, this is a real kewl feature that lets you, and then you work on their computer....even this requires some ports to be open, which if i ever do it, will let you know. Again if anyone has given this feature a look lemme know!!!!

Switch to linux update: not done yet, still looking for a computer, but on a brighter note i am using the linux computers in the computer lab, and learning the tricks in there, so its still good.

Monday, January 13, 2003

today was such a long day......after such a nice winter break of getting up late and going to sleep even later.
the worst part was that the two labs that i had to attend today were cancelled, so i had a 5 hour break between the two classes, ooohhhhh that was just terrible.
well starbucks has opened up at the university center thats always good(more brownie fraps..wohoo!!!!! )

i still have to buy two books, maybe ill do that tomm.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

tomm is the first day of univ....have to get up early.... :(
today was so cold...brrrr....made sure i had all the things necessary for tomm. just hope tomorrow isnt that bad because i have to do alot of walking, and will be back by 7:00pm...thats a long day

well heres my new blog, at the new host click here

the only good though is that the 20th is a holiday.....wohoo!!!!

Saturday, January 11, 2003

hmmm there was nothing to do today, except move my netfirms site to 8tc....also it was pouring and no sun made the day even duller.

a new small company called is standing againt apple's ipod....their jukebox is also very sleek and is being showcased at CES in vegas. it boasts of USB 2.0, 20gb of space, and voice recognition, plays MP3's and WMA files. And just like the iPod it can also be used as an external hard disk drive....but even though it is fresh from the showroom it is a hundred dollars cheaper than the iPod with the same specs...lets see what happens.

this is pretty amusing Miss Cleo: 'I'm Sorry That People Were Scammed'
forget netfirms.... i got hosted at another palce with no ADS!!!!!!!!! wohooo access the site at here. more later

Friday, January 10, 2003

i am making the switch - at this moment right now i can hear ppl saying is he getting a mac after seeing those switch ads........well no(i feel they are a bit too expensive for their offerings) going to linux....yes red hat linux 8.0. ive heard alot of great things about linux, from a programming point of view and i wanted to get a feeling for another OS, especially linux. for most people who do not know what linux is, it is an Operating System just like Windows or Mac, and it 100% FREE, and is very powerful. it is very powerful it does alot for, but you should know how to make it work for you, but with KDE(desktop thingee) and Gnome, Linux has started looking alot like Windows and more user friendly.

But i wont be completely leaving windows out, ill just be moving between the two to get a feel for myself, and as soon as macs get cheaper ill probably get that as well :)....i just need an old computer(preferably a laptop) to run we speak i am downloading the third and final iso from their servers. For other people who are becoming a little enthusiastic and wanna stand out from the crowd there are many version of linux out there, the popular ones Mandrake and Red Hat.

i still havent watched jerry seinfeld on broadway....maybe tomm.
and a couple of days ago i was saying abt that feeling of wanting univ to start...well that feeling has it will all get better after a couple of days he he

i think this has been my longest post ever(this was so random lol)

Thursday, January 09, 2003

netfirms was down and out from a denial of service attack the whole morning.....alot of the problems have been fixed but there are alot of things still wrong only for me....and that makes me mad!!!!

on a brighter note im almost towards the end of teaching myself C++ and so far it has been a smooth ride.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

wohoo made some good cash on old books today...sold them on a heck alot of money than if i had gone to the univ lib..he he.

now what i want is an old pc so that i can run linux on it!!!!!

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

set up my own forum now using of all it was FREE!!!! and very easy to install...i still dont know what to do with the forums, but since i dont want everyone and anyone posting i will send out emails to people who i want to join. then later on you can put in ur suggestions as to what i should that should be a good way to start off things. if you want to try your hand at making your own forums you can download the scripts from here

also did some minor updates to the netfirms blog templates.

finally got some time to watch robin williams...that dude is just so funny and his extempo stuff is even better...a must i get jerry seinfeld live on broadway, that should be fun as well.

the ibooks have a 17inch monitor and they look real phat, and are loaded with kewl features...i want an iBook!!!!!!!

Monday, January 06, 2003

so tired rite now....actually cant wait for college to start....which is very weird...i hope this feeling goes away
just mite go to bed early.

Saturday, January 04, 2003

tried installing the trackback feature on the movable type blog (which in case you have forgotten is at, but i messed up the index file, but its back to normal now...everytime i open that netfirms page i feel so me 3 weeks to make that one(actually to figure out what to do). i have no idea what the trackback feature does, but if anyone does pls let me know.

i was watching this show on the travel channel, some french dude went to the rainforests and met this tribe that was totally oblivious of the world outside was clue of fire, iron etc...they were touching the french dude to see if the paint would come of his white colored was just amazing.

i still havent watched robbin williams on broadway maybe monday :)

off to watch another movie.

Friday, January 03, 2003

the cloning thing that has been going on for a few days seems real fishay!!!! i personally am not that kewl with the whole cloning thing, and playing god....there are huge possibilities that they could mess up big time and create such a big mess that it would be very difficult to fix!!! the whole concept of the leader being fathered by an alien is also way out there (pun not intended)

since im back in the gaming modd i think i shall go back to UT2K3, which in my opinion was the best so far.

i have a copy of robbin williams on broadway...that dude is hillarious...i have yet to see it though.
off to watch a movie now.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

that was real fun in the alot of click...tis was real fun, but had to remove it as it really slowed everything down.

anyways other who want to try that can get the code from here.
removed it...made my blog real slow...would take forever to load

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

nothing much to write abt today, but had to make some sort of post on new years
have to start thinking abt which summer session to choose out of the 4 available options since registration starts real early.
anywayz HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!