Monday, January 20, 2003

Feeling kinda lazy nowadays to post, plus nothing exciting has been happening that made it worthwhile to post everyday.....the holidays came and went quite quickly, didnt do much except write a stupid essay for american government class of mine.
thanks to my bro the pic(the one on your left) that I had fixed(it had a real irritating white border) with photoshop to perfection was ruined....he said he could "fix" it and make it smaller...but all he really did was ruin the i had to make another one, but it doesnt look as good as the original....ill deifnitely have to sit with that pic and work on it again. arrgh!!!!!
Anirudh told me about a game caleld hegemonia, but their servers were so full that i could'nt download it all, but lately with all the university work i dont have time to play games as well.
nothing great on TV as well....simpsons was a repeat...and SNL sucked big time, even weekend update was horrible.

And i do agree with Chris that majority of the blogs arent being updated as regularly as they used to come on go ahead and update!!!

Update: gave him the pic again, so he has made it better...thanks dude!!!!

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