Friday, January 10, 2003

i am making the switch - at this moment right now i can hear ppl saying is he getting a mac after seeing those switch ads........well no(i feel they are a bit too expensive for their offerings) going to linux....yes red hat linux 8.0. ive heard alot of great things about linux, from a programming point of view and i wanted to get a feeling for another OS, especially linux. for most people who do not know what linux is, it is an Operating System just like Windows or Mac, and it 100% FREE, and is very powerful. it is very powerful it does alot for, but you should know how to make it work for you, but with KDE(desktop thingee) and Gnome, Linux has started looking alot like Windows and more user friendly.

But i wont be completely leaving windows out, ill just be moving between the two to get a feel for myself, and as soon as macs get cheaper ill probably get that as well :)....i just need an old computer(preferably a laptop) to run we speak i am downloading the third and final iso from their servers. For other people who are becoming a little enthusiastic and wanna stand out from the crowd there are many version of linux out there, the popular ones Mandrake and Red Hat.

i still havent watched jerry seinfeld on broadway....maybe tomm.
and a couple of days ago i was saying abt that feeling of wanting univ to start...well that feeling has it will all get better after a couple of days he he

i think this has been my longest post ever(this was so random lol)

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