Sunday, January 26, 2003

The superbowl game is going quite good so far(even though I dont understand alot of it, quite a newbie i am !!!!!). The Raiders are making huge mistakes and are letting the Buccs run over them literally. But the ads that are going on so far are just great. the best one uptil now have been:
1. The ozbournes ad for pepsi twist
2. The budweiser ad with the guy with a dog over his head.
3. Yao Ming's "yo" ad

As for today I was so hoping that a new episode of simpsons be shown, but I read wrong, apparently on the website they have dated the new episode for February 2. and are showing Independence Day instead. Finally placed orders for my American Government book over at Barnes and Nobles, now I just have to get my History books. I would have had all of them by now, but on Friday the 2nd floor and some portions of the 3rd floor University Center were burnt down because of some person who left a lit cigarette carelessly which led to the burn down. So even the library(which is on the second floor) has been closed for a couple of weeks.

I finally got fed up with the look of my 8tc website, and decided to change the look of here is the new looking website. I feel the white color is quite a refreshing change.

off to watch the game!!!

While writing this entry the Buccs have made an excellent 44 yard touch down!!!! by the way i am rooting for the Buccs....wohoo!!!!!!

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