Tuesday, January 14, 2003

This semester so far is going great....I have some of the best teachers this time...a lot of research was put in (by me :) ) to choose good teachers over, time of day......but the sad thing is that my american government teacher is'nt that great(actually she is'nt the one that i opted for originally,but for some bizarre reason the other guy disappeared!!!!)...she does know her material and all that....but the amountt of work that we have to put in for a course that is just a core requirement is unbelievable...we have to write reaction essays after every chapter, then there are 3 other separate papers on different subjects, and a final paper. not to mention debates every week where we have to do research, and then a final presentation. The best part of the course is that it will be over by april 18th, and the final will be during the first week of may, so thats like a good 20 days before summer break. It would be real kewl if we had more classes like this in my major (computer science), where we would write papers on the latest technologies and debate about them with their downfalls, advantages etc...

I recently tried out this kewl feature in windows messenger( it only works if u have windows XP)....desktop sharing and application sharing....with this feature on you can share microsoft applications and some other third party applications with other people on your buddy list....you can still share if the other guy doesnt even have the application installed.....i tried this over my network and it worked like a charm.....but the TCP requires port 1503 to be open, which firewalls or even routers with NAT might deny....but anyhow it is worth a try. Another feature that looks kinda intriguing is the remote administration(again works only with XP)...if you just like me receive calls or IM's from friends and family concerning various problems with their computers, and sometimes have a tough time explaining to them what to do, this is a real kewl feature that lets you, and then you work on their computer....even this requires some ports to be open, which if i ever do it, will let you know. Again if anyone has given this feature a look lemme know!!!!

Switch to linux update: not done yet, still looking for a computer, but on a brighter note i am using the linux computers in the computer lab, and learning the tricks in there, so its still good.

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