Thursday, February 27, 2003

Yesterday was the first time ever that I have had car trouble in my life.....I walk up to the car and keyless entry thingee wouldnt work, so I figured that maybe the remote had weak batteries, again another first i used the key to open the door, and then went to hit the "unlock all door" switch and nothing...the car would not respond, then I kinda became skeptical, sat in put the key in the ignition and tried to start it, no response...for some mysterious reason the battery had died and car would not respond at all....double checked the lights made sure there werent any attempts to break in, nothing.....and to top it all (thanks to the Houston weather) it was pouring....but luckily AAA came to my rescue, jump started the car and the same day I got the car a new battery. Thank god it just caused me a 45 minute delay or else studying for the history exam would have become very difficult.
Cant wait for tommorrow people, because after I turn in all my stuff in I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes Spring Break baby!!! wohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no school, no homework (but that doesnt mean no studying) for 10 whole days...wohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
more updates tommorrow.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

paper done!!!!!!!!!!!!yes it is done and what a wonderful feeling it is...he he. Plus the fact that I come home early gives me more time to study for my history, which shouldnt take alot of time ( I dont have alot of time as it is)....but its all under control.
netfirms started this sucky new policy that you cant remote link files here, but the bigger thing is that you cant evev view pictures as is they have to embedded on a webpage, but if you want that feature you have to pay....bah!!! so i had to change the code, but everytime i update the code the script for the tracker has to be updated, and this makes it all a lengthy project. Ill fix that later on.
as for other projects set up a phpNuke community for my friends from IIS so we can keep in touch and all. Now i have to add a photo album thingee, and then it should be perfect.
Also I decided to reduce the frequency of blogs so that there is more to write and more information, and i feel that this is working.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Done with 3 pages of that paper....yes I know, it takes me alot of time to write papers...but seriously it used be worse...but since I blog practically everyday the writing part doesnt seem as much a daunting task like it used blogging does have it pluses!!!! Well i am very unhappy with the way the artificial club is updates, no meetings, poor attendance...even the guys who started it seem to have lost interest....have to look for a new computer group to join...the earlier group really did look promising but I dont think its gonna float. Hopefully the TA replies back quickly so that i can give my program earlier, that way i can come home earlier and get all my homework and stuff done. SNL was great yesterday, you can always count on regulars and the special guests were even better. Probably gonna go to sleep a little eaerly today...soooo tired.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

I guess this has been the longest period ever after which i blogged...the main reason being that i have been very busy....exams, projects et al. I have a 5 page essay due next friday, and i have completed 2 pages of that. It actually was great that i finished my webCT quiz last week so i wouldnt be doing it now, time which I used for writing the paper. But the bad thing was today was a beautiful day.....but just couldnt go to play tennis because I was busy doing my paper that i just couldnt.
Today's SNL looks something worth staying up for....Christopher Walken.....I am positive that he will play the role of that desperate French guy...something to look forward to.
Also I found where Phoenix 0.6 is...well first of all they have to change their name because of some legal issues and second there are some bugs( you can go to their project page and see which ones have to be fixed) which they still have to fix, and as soon as that is done 0.6 will be out.
So to sum up of my weekend- complete paper(which I will love, because i want to get it over with), some history(thats fun) and maybe some T.V. and then work on calculus.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Still contemplating whether to take my laptop to university or not???? its not that its heavy or something(though some people claim otherwise), its just that at times i feel kinda lazy to lug that thing would be cool if there was some kind of locker for computer science students.
These two weeks are going to be busy, with all these mid terms and stuff....ill be glad when it is over...because not only will it all be over, it will be Spring Break time....yeah..wohoo!!!!
Now for some tech review- Last week i tried the latest version on Opera. I must say i was very impressed...not only is it fast it is also so small at a measly 3 mb. The pop-up blocker was impressive, and the mail client is very capable. For those people who dont want Mozilla because of its size or want to get IE of your back should definitely give it a a ago. 2 thumbs up.
I am still using Mozilla, because i am very comfortable with it....but Opera is a good contender!!!!
by the way speaking of small i am wondering why it is taking so long for phoenix 0.6 to come out??

Monday, February 17, 2003

My third and final try with netfirms has been met with no success......I am not gonna install MT on their...its just messed up. Also I am done with the paper that I have to turn in for american government, just have to add the finishing page to it, which I will do as soon as the class is over( wonders of wi-fi, in class and connected!!!!), and then turn it in on the way this prof is another who just loves technology. Computer Science mid term coming up this week, all prepared for that as well. Just have to start doing that homewofk for cal II so that i can turn it in all done Friday.
And like it says below, got a new scanner from like a dream, jus love usb plug and play.
Finally a decent show from the guys at SNL....this one actually made me stay awake till the end. Plus the 300th episode the Simpsons was fun, but i kinda liked the 301th one....hehe.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Friday, February 14, 2003

The internet went out again....and I just hate it when it is the splitter at fault....because that means I have to move alot of furniture to fix the problem....well all said and done I am back up and running again..wohoo!!
To end the week on a brighter note the quiz was easy aced that and right now i am sipping on a brownie frap...what else could you ask

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

man the frikkin bus came 45 minutes late....i was late for my calc exam by 10 minutes...and that hurt my overall score...i was so mad the whole time there is a test im taking the i have to work doubly hard to keep an a grade in that class. But thats ok, coz i do enjoy it.
well done with prog 4 and now i am 2 weeks ahead of the class...wohooo!!!!!

Monday, February 10, 2003

The game yesterday was amazing, just the fact that it went into 2 over times is just wonderful....very unpredictable. Just loved it. The spoof of Yao Ming at Simpons was smart too.
As for univ, its gonna be all study for Calc II exam on wednesday...the review is done with so that is good. Hopefully the MT version of the website will come up soon.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

simpsons was real cool......watching the all-star game and things look good so far...astonishingly Jordan has missed 5 of his shots so far!!!!....nothing done over the weekend except calc II review sheet.....and my hosting went down a couple of days earlier, lost all files, entries.that to watch the game.

Friday, February 07, 2003

the Ti-89 is so damn powerful, they have so many features that I am slowly learning.....if you can master it , probably it can do anything, ive even of c compilers for this!!!
Finally managed to get hosting somewhere that will let me transfer the MT site...hopefully.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

The MT project will be down for a couple of months.....yeah the host said that he will not install the modules due to some restrictions from his server, also netfirms is so screwed up that installing MT on it has become impossible.....anyways its a good thing I didnt stop blogging here. Gotta start studying for my mid terms(though I am done with the programming bit).

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Came back home a little earlier today, got alot completed as well as some major homework so that means less work for me tomorrow!!!! wohoo!!!!....the MT blog situation doesnt look good, the new host does has MySQL but one of the modules are missing so i still cant install it and chances are real slim that ill be able to set it up there anyways.....but you can get all the info from good ol blogger.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Mid terms are right around the corner, and I dont know if its just me, but this semester is really flying by real quick. Fall took forever to It feels like only yesterday when spring semester was going to start, come to think of it all my classes practically end by April!!!!! wow!!!!
The MT blog at the new website is ready, but guess what forgot, I to ask for a MySql I have to wait for that, and then its only a matter of time before I upload everything up there and make it look exactly like the 8tc one..wohooo!!!!

Monday, February 03, 2003

Well my finally decided to close down as their website was plagued by some people who were quite immature.....forcing them to close down due to various reasons. But I have found another host that is giving me the double the space and the other specs are the tomorrow i move my movabletype to the new webste...I just love Movable Type for that reason, the ability to export all your enteries so that you dont loose them in case of an emergency, like this. I already have the domain, but after I transfer everything tomorrow I will post the new url.

As for university today was just great, started off calculus II on a bright note with a 100 on the first quiz!!!! so that was nice. wohoo!!!!!

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Long time since an update.....but seriously there was nothing really that interesting I had done over this week....just did a little organizing, seeing when the mid terms are other stuff. done with homework and all making this one of the most boring weekends ever.
Simpsons was very funny, a good episode. Another good move was that they are gonna run for two more years, before they are completely saturated( though many people feel that they are already saturated!!!!!)
Saw a horrible move too this weekend, a bad remake of i know what you did last summer.
More tomorrow.