Sunday, February 23, 2003

Done with 3 pages of that paper....yes I know, it takes me alot of time to write papers...but seriously it used be worse...but since I blog practically everyday the writing part doesnt seem as much a daunting task like it used blogging does have it pluses!!!! Well i am very unhappy with the way the artificial club is updates, no meetings, poor attendance...even the guys who started it seem to have lost interest....have to look for a new computer group to join...the earlier group really did look promising but I dont think its gonna float. Hopefully the TA replies back quickly so that i can give my program earlier, that way i can come home earlier and get all my homework and stuff done. SNL was great yesterday, you can always count on regulars and the special guests were even better. Probably gonna go to sleep a little eaerly today...soooo tired.

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