Saturday, February 22, 2003

I guess this has been the longest period ever after which i blogged...the main reason being that i have been very busy....exams, projects et al. I have a 5 page essay due next friday, and i have completed 2 pages of that. It actually was great that i finished my webCT quiz last week so i wouldnt be doing it now, time which I used for writing the paper. But the bad thing was today was a beautiful day.....but just couldnt go to play tennis because I was busy doing my paper that i just couldnt.
Today's SNL looks something worth staying up for....Christopher Walken.....I am positive that he will play the role of that desperate French guy...something to look forward to.
Also I found where Phoenix 0.6 is...well first of all they have to change their name because of some legal issues and second there are some bugs( you can go to their project page and see which ones have to be fixed) which they still have to fix, and as soon as that is done 0.6 will be out.
So to sum up of my weekend- complete paper(which I will love, because i want to get it over with), some history(thats fun) and maybe some T.V. and then work on calculus.

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