Monday, February 17, 2003

My third and final try with netfirms has been met with no success......I am not gonna install MT on their...its just messed up. Also I am done with the paper that I have to turn in for american government, just have to add the finishing page to it, which I will do as soon as the class is over( wonders of wi-fi, in class and connected!!!!), and then turn it in on the way this prof is another who just loves technology. Computer Science mid term coming up this week, all prepared for that as well. Just have to start doing that homewofk for cal II so that i can turn it in all done Friday.
And like it says below, got a new scanner from like a dream, jus love usb plug and play.
Finally a decent show from the guys at SNL....this one actually made me stay awake till the end. Plus the 300th episode the Simpsons was fun, but i kinda liked the 301th one....hehe.

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