Tuesday, February 25, 2003

paper done!!!!!!!!!!!!yes it is done and what a wonderful feeling it is...he he. Plus the fact that I come home early gives me more time to study for my history, which shouldnt take alot of time ( I dont have alot of time as it is)....but its all under control.
netfirms started this sucky new policy that you cant remote link files here, but the bigger thing is that you cant evev view pictures as is they have to embedded on a webpage, but if you want that feature you have to pay....bah!!! so i had to change the code, but everytime i update the code the script for the tracker has to be updated, and this makes it all a lengthy project. Ill fix that later on.
as for other projects set up a phpNuke community for my friends from IIS so we can keep in touch and all. Now i have to add a photo album thingee, and then it should be perfect.
Also I decided to reduce the frequency of blogs so that there is more to write and more information, and i feel that this is working.

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