Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Still contemplating whether to take my laptop to university or not???? its not that its heavy or something(though some people claim otherwise), its just that at times i feel kinda lazy to lug that thing around...it would be cool if there was some kind of locker for computer science students.
These two weeks are going to be busy, with all these mid terms and stuff....ill be glad when it is over...because not only will it all be over, it will be Spring Break time....yeah..wohoo!!!!
Now for some tech review- Last week i tried the latest version on Opera. I must say i was very impressed...not only is it fast it is also so small at a measly 3 mb. The pop-up blocker was impressive, and the mail client is very capable. For those people who dont want Mozilla because of its size or want to get IE of your back should definitely give it a a ago. 2 thumbs up.
I am still using Mozilla, because i am very comfortable with it....but Opera is a good contender!!!!
by the way speaking of small i am wondering why it is taking so long for phoenix 0.6 to come out??

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