Monday, March 31, 2003

I have been complaining as to how this week is going to be hell with so much work and all. Well it is going to be like that, but my american government professor has made the third paper that is due optional. So that means I do not have to worry about it and is a huge relief...wohoo!!!!! But it has been an unbelievabley long day.....just waiting for this last class to get over so that I can go home.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Nothing like a weekend where you dont have to any work whatsoever.....but this feeling is going to pass pretty soon once the week starts and the work starts piling up( and I know that this week is going to be busy). Maybe if the webCT is easy enough I can get rid of it on Monday.
I uploaded all my archives from here and xanga to Movable Type, though a little tedious its up there, and now i can make a backup of it whenever I want.

looking forward to simpsons this week as it involved everybody's favorite officer, officer wiggum.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

A fantastic win for the rockets as they fight the warriors for the play-off spot
go houston!!!!!


So close to converting the blog at 8tc to make it look like this....thanks to my brother.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Finally done with the week, nothing feels better than that. On top of that I am done with the webCT quiz and the program as well, so that leaves me free to do other things during the weekend....wohooo!!!!!
Maybe I can experiment with making the 8tc blog look more like this one or work on finding a place for the online community and if its a bright and sunny day I can go play some tennis.
Also excited to meet one of my bes friends after 3 years, so thats something I am looking forward to.

Really addicted to this game

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Nothing much today.....I really like it since I have started taking the car to university more often....I use to take the bus on alternate days in the beginning, so that I would not be stressed out through out the week since the highway 59 of houston is hell !!!!! the traffic on there is horrible at all times, I take the highway 90 which is kinda of a backroad, but takes the same time to reach the destination. So bottom line, now that I am driving everyday, I dont find it that bad and plus you know that you have the car so you can leave immediately when classes are cancelled etc.. plus it takes a longer time to travel by bus. So it has been decided, more driving for me.

Monday, March 24, 2003

I am seriosuly thinking of getting a website(hopefully free) and moving everything to movable type, and all the archives here there as well, hmmmm lets see about seems like a high possibility, lets see...

Done with WebCT earlier this week, clearing up alot from what I have to do in this week.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

Well the webCT quiz didnt take forever like the last time....that was just hell, but on a brighter note they do make good reviews. I tried getting a rss feed for blogger from an external site, but it didnt go that well....but the mt one does have one.
What I need right now is one of those programs that feeds the latest news right on my desktop, I tried downloading newsdesk today, that uses the xml feed of a website to view website, but you have to download a 20mb microsoft .net platfrom thingee from microsoft, which I dont wanna do even though I have broadband, but i bet there must be alternatives.
Well the article that I was talking about, got accepted and will be published in the next new letter, I will also post that article the day it is published.

Friday, March 21, 2003

My buddy sameers impression of hardy(of the laurel and hardy duo!!!).....he also plans to send this pic to a potential date.....i wish him the very

Program 7 has been completed before schedule....thats a good thing because that means I have more time for study over the weekend. But I still have to take that damn webCT quiz.
Finally I removed all signs of ad-aware from my system, spybot s&d really does rule. You can download it from
I cant wait to see head of looks hillarious.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Well I was so hoping that I would have a work free weekend, but alas, it sped by me so quick that I didnt even notice, exams are back!!!! The whole next week....*sigh* maybe next week will be cooler. I have still have not had time to write that article comparing spybot s&d and adaware.....I really wanna do that but seriously with all this work there hasnt been any time.

The deadline is over..........

Monday, March 17, 2003

Wohoo!!!!!!!!!!! The paper is done and there is no better rewarding feeling once you have done all your work and there is no backlog left, even the program has been tweaked to perfection and has to be turned in tommorrow. I so wish that blogger would provide an rss feed for this website, that would be real cool. Maybe they will have more features in the next versions of blogger, such as built in commenting, syndicaton formats etc..

Sunday, March 16, 2003

This has been one hell of a week for me. First of all I had to take the webCT quiz umpteen number of times to get a hundred so that my average remains high, this took me practically the whole day and really screwed up my schedule. Then the craps program was giving major problems and required tweaking that went on for another day. All this mean that instead of two days for my paper, I had one...welll atleast I got two of the three pages done....another reason why im leaving university early tommorrow so that I can do my work and maybe do some math homework.

The Movable Type mirror is up at you guys can go there and visit. I tried implementing this template on their but it was difficult and html is not really my cup of tea, give me a decent looking free template any day.
Hopefully the rest of the weekend goes well.!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2003

I am so frustated with this code right now it in unbelievable, its not a bad program but the way the professor wants it is so difficult....damn....well I do have most of it solved, but im gonna call it a day and do something else as I have a horrible headache.

update:- program finished wohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2003

It feels so nice that today is thursday, because that means tommorrow is the last day of the week wohoo!!!!! But this week is gonna be real busy for me, just like most of my weekends.
There are great chances that the mirror with movabletype will be up and running soon.
Go and download the latest version mozilla 1.3 which just came out of beta testing. Click here to download link. It has alot more cool features such as advanced spam mail filtering and more compatibility with your favorite sites.
Soon I will be writing an article for the Protonic Newsletter comparing Spybot S&D and Lavasoft's Adaware and which is the best as of right now, which i will be posting on this site, cant wait for that. Most probably be working on it next week.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Ever since university has started we have been bombarded with so much work.....there calculus homework to do, american governemnt papers, programs etc.....and the list goes on. There was a tech show at the university and I was pretty keen on attending overall impression was that it was good, had besically a lot of laptops, since it was all university people over there. I had fun playing with the mac's.

The other day I decided that for a project I go back to the ex-king of search engines alta vista. In its prime it was the best damn search engine, but lost its charm due to excessive commercialization and people paying them to put their results on top. And lately i heard they had improved things, trying to catch up with the google. Put in my search entries, and the results were show quite quickly, but the items had nothing to do with my query. Tried some other combo's for searches and still nothing related to my project. I gave up on that immediately and went to my other favorite after av's decline hotbot. Now this site was very good with searches, but now first of all get rid of that cheesy background, it literally makes you dizzy which is not good if you want people using for site, but i must say that there search results were real good. I had done all these because I had time to kill and even after getting some good sites with hotbot I completed everything with trusty, dependable google. Hope this is one search engine that doesnt fall into the same traps that its predecessors fell into.

Big news today, the new intel centrino chips are turning heads.....have really improved power and battery life, some sites reporting that they have been able to run a 1.6ghz laptop for a whopping 7 hours!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Its been such a long time since I blogged....but seriously speaking there was nothing to write about. Anyways spring break has come to an regrets about going back to university, but I wish it could be a little longer, since a week isnt just enough for spring break...
As for SNL I thought it was pretty decent this weekend...and nothing could top Simpsons today, it was hillarious and filled with political allegory.
more later, I'll have more to write about once university starts.

Friday, March 07, 2003

The broadband is back and it feels all my work done, checked my mail all at the speed of

Off to watch a movie but there is a good question to ponder over:-
What technologies or devices have gone far beyond your expectations?????
Put your thoughts in the comments.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

The worst thing ever happened 2 days cable modem died out....wouldnt respond I have been running on dial-up power, which as most of you know is quite a painful experience. And just the fact that blogger takes forever to load on dial up discouraged me from making enteries.....anyways someone from the cable company will be coming tommorrow to look in to the matter so hopefull i should be back up tommorrow.....wohoo!!!!
As for update I am enjoying my spring break to the fullest.....balancing rest, not doing alot of work and the same time getting ahead in my programs and other i feel this is not a total waste. Also I got accepted as a support technician at Protonic, which is a great site that offers techincal support for computer for FREE...yes for free....all the guys over there are volunteers, and are very very good.
as for the movies i was kinda disappointed by My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I found it ok, while on the other hand Shanghai Knights was pretty entertaining and you can always trust Jackie Chan with those mind blowing stunts....just great!!!!!!!!!!!
more later

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Finally will get to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Shanghai Knights.....Ive heard the former is a great movie and is hillarious.

I just realized that the spring break is till the 10th, and thats only a week, man that sucks, but a break is break..wohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now all I need is something sweet to go along with those movies.....gotta look around the place.
Off to watch the movies

Saturday, March 01, 2003

Played basketball after nearly 2 years brother challenged me, thinking that he could squish me like a little bug....little did he know that I played against some of the toughest guys in new jersey. And that really helped alot, and even though I was a little rusty I showed him how to play today reminded me of the time when I first moved to NJ, and my skills werent that great....I remember being the last pick for the guys while mamking teams( though that did not bother me one bit because I used to do the same thing when I used to play cricket!!! )...but as time passed I got better and i got picked earlier and that was the best feeling ever.

Decided to change the look of my computer as the mac look was kinda getting boring, so have a look at it here...I personally think it looks great!!!
more later