Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Ever since university has started we have been bombarded with so much work.....there calculus homework to do, american governemnt papers, programs etc.....and the list goes on. There was a tech show at the university and I was pretty keen on attending overall impression was that it was good, had besically a lot of laptops, since it was all university people over there. I had fun playing with the mac's.

The other day I decided that for a project I go back to the ex-king of search engines alta vista. In its prime it was the best damn search engine, but lost its charm due to excessive commercialization and people paying them to put their results on top. And lately i heard they had improved things, trying to catch up with the google. Put in my search entries, and the results were show quite quickly, but the items had nothing to do with my query. Tried some other combo's for searches and still nothing related to my project. I gave up on that immediately and went to my other favorite after av's decline hotbot. Now this site was very good with searches, but now first of all get rid of that cheesy background, it literally makes you dizzy which is not good if you want people using for site, but i must say that there search results were real good. I had done all these because I had time to kill and even after getting some good sites with hotbot I completed everything with trusty, dependable google. Hope this is one search engine that doesnt fall into the same traps that its predecessors fell into.

Big news today, the new intel centrino chips are turning heads.....have really improved power and battery life, some sites reporting that they have been able to run a 1.6ghz laptop for a whopping 7 hours!!!!!!!!!!!

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