Wednesday, March 05, 2003

The worst thing ever happened 2 days cable modem died out....wouldnt respond I have been running on dial-up power, which as most of you know is quite a painful experience. And just the fact that blogger takes forever to load on dial up discouraged me from making enteries.....anyways someone from the cable company will be coming tommorrow to look in to the matter so hopefull i should be back up tommorrow.....wohoo!!!!
As for update I am enjoying my spring break to the fullest.....balancing rest, not doing alot of work and the same time getting ahead in my programs and other i feel this is not a total waste. Also I got accepted as a support technician at Protonic, which is a great site that offers techincal support for computer for FREE...yes for free....all the guys over there are volunteers, and are very very good.
as for the movies i was kinda disappointed by My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I found it ok, while on the other hand Shanghai Knights was pretty entertaining and you can always trust Jackie Chan with those mind blowing stunts....just great!!!!!!!!!!!
more later

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