Sunday, April 13, 2003

It is so ironic that, all throughout the week the birds are so quite and dont chirp at all.....but as soon as the weekend comes around you can expect them to be at their chirping loudest in the morning, and its so unbelievably loud as if they are just next to your ears. Now its not that I dont enjoy the birds chirping, its just that, please not on the weekend!!!! Also bird poop on your car is a force to reckon, its as if they seem to know which cars have just been washed. They like sit on the community tree discussing that, and then in hoardes poop bomb the cars....thats why I had to wash both cards today, just disgusting.

As for the programs, all tweaks have been done and is ready to be given in for grading. wohoo!!!!

hmmm.....SNL what can I say, it was just somdry....2 times in a row...what a damper.

Simpsons was the winner this week, it was hillarious, probably one of the best shows this season.

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