Thursday, June 05, 2003

Yesterday was just a horrible day. My brother hardly takes any care of the Vaio, so when he isnt around i check up on things and do defrags and etc.
So i run spybot and discover that there are 32 installed spyware that need to be taken care of and a pcpitstop check up said that there were still some running. So after clearing that mess up I decided to scan the system since the fool doesnt even have a AV. I go to one of those free online scans at panda and find out that the system has a number of backdoor trojans and viruses installed. The big one being Win32 pirate which spreads over the network. Luckily my dell was saved since it had infected only one file, but the sony had to go through a clean install. Never having done a clean install before (because never a system got screwed this bad that i couldnt fix), called over friend Anirudh who helped me out with this. Well on the bright side i removed all that ME junk on the system and reclaimed alot of hard disk space. And also formatted both drives from FAT32 to NTFS. The system is running fine, so it ended well, but I still have this idea lurking in my head to take away all his admin priveleges....I might have to do that
I hope that never happens again.

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