Monday, July 14, 2003

Its been a while, so how about a small update......first time someone actually asked for tech help through the blog, and it worked, so I hit upon an idea if you have any questions (tech related) ask me, and I will answer them if I can, use my commenting system to ask....this should be real cool and I cant wait for more stuff.

I have also started a photo blog and Im just waiting for the first perfect pic to start it off....

and here is a little plug for a site called blogcoop:- If you have played bloghsares(see link on left) and love it, this will be great for you. This is a new website where you can actually make money with your own blog, and here is a little quote from them itself as to what they intend to do "Bloggers would join forces to form online business ventures. In the Blog Cooperative business model, each person has an equal ownership stake in the company, with an equal voice in all decisions. If this interests you, visit the web site, launched today" sounds interestin....visit it at visit it at


Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Now this is what you call lazy:-

friend: ive teached a nw level of laziness
friend: im using the onsreen kwyord cuz i dont feel like usig eal one
friend: *eyboard
me: woah
me: that is lazy dude