Thursday, May 27, 2004

I have been lucky enough to have been given a gmail account by blogger, and have been using it for about a month now.
So far I have been very impressed with the simplicity and features that this service has to offer.Even though still in Beta
I have started to slowly move all my mail here. The gig of space is awesome. Here are some things that really stand out:

Conversations: This is something that is really unique. Suppose you and friends are exchanging emails, you can view all the mails so far in the form of chat conversation, which makes it so easy to keep track of stuff.

Labels : A better way to organize your mail. Just create a label like "family", "friends" etc and just mark the mails
and once you click on a label it organizes them in that particular order. This way all your mail is right in front of you
instead of folders.

Spam Filtering: I have no spam as yet *crosses fingers*, which is good. You can set upto 20 filters and you can set up
in a number of ways using labels, header information, subject lines etc.

Keystrokes: Since the site is also heavily based on javascript, you can turn on keystrokes that do various things like
compose new mail etc. It is just like windows shortcuts, but very very nice

New Mail: No need to hit refresh to check for new mail, the page refershes every so often to bring in the new mail if there
is any.

Search: Since you never have to delete any mail, keeping track of them becomes tiresome. But the search function used is excellent using the proprietary search algorithms , and makes finding emails very very easy.

Though still in Beta , the service is more than ready. The contacts is a little to basic, but will definitely be worked upon on later versions. There are also talks of RSS/XML feeds for the mail service

All in all 10/10

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