Friday, June 18, 2004

oooh, my first slashdot article that got accepted


Anonymous said...

why does one have two browsers from the same code base ?

Firefox is 8+ Mb
Mozilla is 12+Mb

The end user is confused more often than not!

Thunderbird, is a separate mail client!

The % of Mozilla users has declined, while IE has been a clear gainer. The end user consolidation is a must for Mozilla to get critical mass.

Saifi Khan.

Anonymous said...

two browsers because everybody has different needs,mozilla is quite a mammoth with a mail client and stuff, while people who just want to surf the net and want a browser with a little bloat will go with firefox.

As for popularity , I definitely feel that mozilla is comnig back since technology wise it it light years ahead of Internet Explorer, and with the popularity of Linux increasing day by day the mozilla browser will further become a leader in the browser market.