Sunday, January 11, 2009

Opera mini and gmail

why can't I access my gmail accounts via opera mini but fine with the default browser ?
Been playing with the phone a little bit more over this weekend. I found 2 remote programs for S60, one being Salling Clicker and the other called Remote'Em All . Since remote is free ill be trying that and see how is it to set up VLC over wifi.

As for browsers, I tried the default browser, Opera Mini and Skyfire. Skyfire felt very laggy , slow and had some rendering issues. On the other hand opera mini is the superstar, fast rendering and havent come across a problem site yet. The default browser is also good, but if you are going to browse the web Opera Mini is the way to go

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Remote For Nokia E71

Does any one know of some good software ( freeware :) ) that can act as a remote control for VLC or window media player over the lan ? Been hunting for something on the phone since I watch movies on my laptop connected to a big screen and it would be nice to control the playback over the air from the phone....any ideas ?

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Phone

So after a lot of research I finally went ahead and bought my first Nokia phone, the E71 . I bought it close to a month ago, and love it. Its packed with software and is amazingly good looking as well. Ill start posting more about the applications I have played it and my overall experience as a first time Symbian user after having used pretty much only Sont Ericsson phones in the past.