Sunday, December 20, 2009

Installing QT Mobility on Windows

So i have been playing around with Symbian and QT development on my Windows XP VM .

The foursquareS project that I am trying to work on made a switch to the QT Mobility libraries to take advtange of some of the mobile functionalities ( such as location, maps etc ).

Now the library is great and works well. But installing it can be a little tricky as I discovered this past weekend . Even after moving the pre-built binaries into the proper location i was getting build errors along the lines of "WARNING: Can't find following headers in System Include Path

Here are the steps I took to install the libraries properly within my SDK ( Symbian SDK for FP 1 ) and get a build on QT Creator :-

Once you download the zip or tar file, unzip it at the same level and location as the symbian sdk. In my case the sdk was installed at C:\Symbian\9.2 . I unzipped the folder at C:\qt_mobility .
This step was key, because when you run the configure.bat and make the build files it looks in those relative locations for the sdk etc.

At this point if make is in your path, it will copy the files into the appropriate locations and you can check your set up by building the unit tests . You can then follow the steps in the install.txt to move the pre-built libraries .

Hopefully this helps out others running into the same problems I was having .


Debasish said...

Hi ,
I've installed
1.qt-sdk-win-opensource-2010.04 intoC:\Qt\2010.04
2.Nokia Symbian sdk ^3 into C:\Nokia\devices
3.Carbide 2.3 into C:\Program Files\Nokia
\Carbide.c++ v2.3
4.Active perl into C:\Perl also Java
5.Qt mobility1.1.0 unzipped into C:\Qtmobility

In Qt command promt i typed "configure -prefix c:\Qtmobility\desination" then "mingw32-make",then "mingw32-make install"

It created 3 folders "bin,include,lib,plugin" inside C:\qt\mobility\destination. and also some library & include files into C:\Qtmobility

now i want to use the mobility classes..

in Qt creator build settings, i set "LD_LIBRARY_PATH" to "C:\Qtmobility\destination\lib"

When i tried with the qt mobility quick start example it shows following error..

QSystemInfo:No such file
QtMobility: is not a namespace
QSystemInfo:was not declared in the scope.

Debasish Sahu
Center for Artificial Intelligence & robotics,INDIA

TheRohan said...

The final version of Nokia Qt SDK is here........... Final versions of the SDK are available for computers running Microsoft Windows and Linux, while a beta version is available for Apple Mac computers.
For details on all Qt Tools and Downloads check the link:

Silver MLM said...

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