Friday, December 04, 2009

Setting Up QT Environment For Windows

So one of my main motivations to start blogging again was me regaining interest in mobile development after taking a stab at it with TrafficCam . TrafficCam was pretty awesome for its time because it was bringing back pictures of intersections and providing road conditions for drivers.

So now 3 years later , im working ( hopefully soon ) on another opensource application on the symbian platform using QT for an online service called foursquare .

So before one can get started , setting up the environment properly on windows can be quite a task, so ive written up a short tutorial that will help others set up on windows ( windows xp in my case )

What i learnt that order was key when getting things installed .

1) First based on your phone and target version of symbian get the appropriate SDK . I used the S60 Wikipedia Page to help me out on that .

You can download the appropriate SDK here

2) Install the Open C/C++ plug in for the sdk .

3) After installing the sdk you can head over to the Qt download site and get the latest version of Qt and Qt Creator . Makes sure you install this on the same drive as the SDK .

3) At this point you should be able to launch Qt Creator and use one of the example projects to get started.

By following the order, i found that the editor found all the locations of the builds, sdk by default . Not having to manually set all that is a real time saver .

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TheRohan said...

The final version of Nokia Qt SDK is here........... Final versions of the SDK are available for computers running Microsoft Windows and Linux, while a beta version is available for Apple Mac computers.
For details on all Qt Tools and Downloads check the link: