Monday, June 18, 2012

My Phone Timeline

I saw this on the verge forums and figured it would be fun to share my phone time line till now. Feel free to post yours 

Sony Ericsson t60d (circa 2002) - This was my first cell phone and bought it when I started university 

Song Ericsson T226 (circa 2004) - I had this phone for a week before I returned it for the next one. 

Sony Ericsson t610i (circa 2004) - A great looking phone, was also the first to have a camera

Sony Ericsson W550i (circa 2006) - Swivel phone with a whopping 256mb of internal space

Nokia E71 (circa 2008) - Finally after getting tired of waiting for Nokia to ship a phone to the US, I bought  my first smart phone unlocked . Amazing industrial design and still use it today when I go to India. One of the best phones Nokia made

Samsung Captivate (2010) - Android here I come. A great phone and when it came out was no doubt the best on the market. The phone that started it all for Samsungs dominance in Android

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