Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Samsung S Voice + Touchwiz

 A while back I had said that because of S -Voice (competing with Google's Google Now), Samsung's take on Jelly Bean might take more time than HTC . If the rumor mills are to be believed S3 owners might see the new version by August.

I am really interested to see how they incorporated Google Now in to touchwiz because I just don't see Samsung give up the "long press" home key to Google Now. For now the best solution that comes to mind is Google Now being a separate app or worse they just dont include it at all.

A thing to note, I have had a Samsung Captivate before and know the target for Froyo went from "just a few months" to "Dec 2010" to sometime late in 2011 after ATT added their delay so I would lean towards them not making this deadline.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Next Phone

After Google IO I was quite impressed with what Jellybean had to offer esp Project Butter and Google Now, but I knew that buying a Samsung Galaxy S3 ( I hate the buttons btw, get with the program) or a HTC One X would mean that I wouldn't know when Id get to play with it.

So at that point I decided that getting timely upgrades were more important to me so I got myself the Galaxy Nexus as soon as I/O ended.

So far I'm loving it and cant wait to get Jellybean sometime next week.