Friday, March 15, 2013

The Android Moon-shot

While it is clear that some level of merging between Chrome OS and Android will & has happen , I think the other (and primary)  reason for Sundar taking over is this

Look at the pictures of the devices running Chrome OS . It is absolutely clear that this is software by Google, powered by Google while running on differently spec'd machines. There is nothing TouchWiz or customized about this.

This is the result that Android needs. While Android has grown and is available on a number of devices, the message that it is is software by Google, powered by Google has been lost along the way.  In many cases manufacturers don't even talk about Android when presenting their devices.

Im guessing that a big part of Sundars role will be to take control of the Android ecosystem and get the Nexus brand going to reclaim the message that is a Google presentation. This is +Sundar Pichai s  moon-shot in my opinion