Sunday, January 03, 2016

My 2015 Homescreen

I had posted a list of my apps from 2013 and forgot to do one last year, so lets see if I can keep it going from this point forward.

In terms of arrangement, logically nothing has changed. These are all apps that I use on a daily basis. Newsblur replaced GoRead & Flipboard, Official Twitter app over TweetLanes.

The interesting addition is the Messengers folder. In it I have WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Signal and Google Messenger. While Hangouts remains on the bottom bar I wouldn't be surprised if WhatsApp takes its place by the end of this year. In terms of usage WhatsApp has just eclipsed every other messaging app for me and the group chats are essentially micro social networks. Its no surprise why everyone is trying to own this market and Google is trying yet again with a supposedly new messaging app.

I also feel that Foursquare and Swarm might not make it to the end of this year. I have been using Google Places a lot more and like the timeline feature that Maps has built in. Even with points and gamification back Swarm has just lost what made it special in the first place.

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Tom said...

I personally don't like the cluttered desktop approach.

Check out Nova Launcher. I set mine to have folders at the bottom dock and allow the swipe gesture to load the most used app for each folder. You can even modify the desktop grid size so you can pack more shortcuts and widgets. It takes some memory and way worth it for me.

Some folders I have:
Communication: Phone*, Hangouts, Messenger, WhatsApp, GroupMe
Media: Spotify*, Netflix, Kindle, Feedly, Audible, Podcast Addict
Travel: Google Maps*, Waze, Glympse, Strava, Wunderground
*Default load on swipe